Foreign trade

USA remains the largest export market for machinery - slightly ahead of China
Machinery exports grew by almost 8 percent in 2017 - Exports to China increased significantly by nearly 23 percent - Mexico recorded the biggest increase - Great Britain one of the few losers
VDMA: Germany must not isolate itself
Mechanical engineers in Germany expect the new government will set the correct economic course immediately after its constitution. VDMA President, Carl Martin Welcker spoke to journalists at the 9th German Maschinenbau-Gipfel (Mechanical Engineering Summit) in Berlin: “We reject isolation tendencies and backwards-looking policies, irrespective of their complexion! Mechanical engineering and the entire German industry thrives on its cosmopolitan outlook and any reversal here would damage our society and our well-being,” Welcker reiterated.
Dr. Astrid Engels
Dr. Astrid Engels
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Dr. Dietrich Birk
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