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August brings minus of 22 percent
Order intake in Baden-Württemberg's mechanical engineering sector was 22 percent in August, well below the previous year's level. Domestic orders fell by 16 per cent, orders from abroad by 25 per cent (non-euro countries: -28 per cent, euro partner countries: -19 per cent).
Top-level discussion on economic development
"The upswing is over for the time being - we have to prepare for more difficult times. Whatever the economic cycle, politics must remain capable of action." With this statement, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Minister of Economics and Labour in Baden-Württemberg, opened a top-level discussion in Stuttgart on 16 September.
Technology lessons in schools: Baden-Württemberg at the top!
Today, technical knowledge is a fundamental component of general education. However, a comprehensive analysis of the curricula at general schools, which the VDMA has carried out in all the federal states, shows that the curricula of general education are not the same: The vast majority of young people can finish school without ever coming into contact with a proven technical education. Baden-Württemberg stands out positively, albeit with small drops of wormwood.
Mechanical engineering in Baden-Württemberg feels headwind
Companies' business expectations for 2019 have deteriorated significantly compared with 2018. "In the current year we can at best speak of a sideways movement," said Dr. Mathias Kammüller, Chairman of the VDMA Baden-Württemberg, to journalists in Stuttgart on 24 July.
Engineers in research and development - still wanted?
The current engineering survey among VDMA member companies has been underway since May 2019. The questionnaire will be sent to you in Baden-Württemberg from 24 June. Does almost every second engineer work in research, development and design? Has the number of engineers developed similarly to that of employees in mechanical engineering companies? And which qualifications count? Your numbers are in demand here.
April brings no revival
There is still no upward trend in incoming orders in Baden-Württemberg's mechanical engineering sector. From January to April, orders fell by a total of 16 per cent compared with the same period last year, which is almost equally attributable to a drop in domestic (-18 per cent) and foreign (-14 per cent) orders.

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