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A1 Apply correctly for a certificate
Exchange of experiences on 6 November in Freiburg to support the member companies in applying for the A1 certificate.
Employee acquisition and retention with the help of social recruiting and specialist careers
"Man is the new scarce good. In the past, the employee came to the company without much effort. Much, on the other hand, has revolved around the topic of financing. This focus is shifting, the focus is shifting from finance to HR", was how one of the participants in the survey for HR managers at VDMA Baden-Württemberg summed up the current situation on the labour market.
Personnel Manager District VDMA Baden-Württemberg
A meeting of the Erfa Personnel Manager Group on 17 October 2019 was marked by the economic downturn and the corresponding assistance and funding opportunities offered by the Federal Employment Agency.
training officer
The Erfa Circle for Training Managers in Baden-Württemberg met on 21 May at the Schunk company in Lauffen to discuss the topics of digitisation and training as well as finding young talent.
labour law
An exchange of experiences on 10 April 2019 in Stuttgart focused on the topics of travel time and holiday regulations.
customer satisfaction analysis
At an exchange of experiences on 28 March, the VDMA presented the methods and challenges of customer satisfaction analysis.
General meeting in Fellbach: Download of the presentations
With 270 guests from business, politics and science, the VDMA Baden-Württemberg general meeting on 27 November in Fellbach was very well attended. We would like to thank all participants for their positive feedback and would like to make the presentations available to you for download.


Current Erfa events
The invitations to the exchange of experiences will be posted on the Internet about 4 to 6 weeks before the event. You can find the invitations in detail, including registration options, here.
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