Management Board discusses with Dr. Susanne Eisenmann

30.01.2019 What kind of education does the country need? On 16 January 2019, the VDMA Baden-Württemberg invited Dr. Susanne Eisenmann, Minister for Culture, Youth and Sport of the State of Baden-Württemberg, to a board meeting at Balluff in Neuhausen to answer this question.

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Dr. Dietrich Birk

Managing director VDMA Baden-Württemberg, Corporate management, Personell management, Economic policy


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KurzPosition: Mobility through mechanical engineering


Mobility is changing. A global driver for this will be the implementation of the Paris climate resolutions. With its efficient solutions, German mechanical and plant engineering makes an important contribution to change and thus secures employment and prosperity.

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VDMA Brief: Industrial data - responsibility and opportunities


German mechanical engineering provides intelligent and connected production systems that are at the core of Industrie 4.0. During their lifetime, these systems generate valuable and often highly-sensitive industrial data. Data exchange enables new business models and promises greater productivity and efficiency.

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VDMA Brief: Using the potential of Industrie 4.0 for Europe


The mechanical engineering industry is developing new solutions for Industrie 4.0, which will help Europe to grow as an industrial location. For this to happen, however, politicians will have to focus more on the industrial policy aspects of digitalisation. Also the EU Commission‘s strategy for the digital single market needs to consider the industrial dimension in a better way. After all, the success of Industrie 4.0 and its contribution to wealth and employment in the EU depends on the right framework conditions for companies in the European market.

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VDMA Brief: Preventing and punishing product piracy


Plagiarism is a huge threat to the innovative strength and competitiveness of German mechanical engineering. Investments in research and development only pay off for companies if product piracy can be prevented. The federal government and the European Union need to support companies in the fight against counterfeits more effectively than they are currently doing.

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VDMA Brief: Mechanical engineering designs ecological products


The mechanical engineering industry is supporting the European energy and climate goals with its innovative products. The European Commission is currently examining a key instrument in environmental policy: the Ecodesign Directive. This ensures that products are not only functional and safe, but also environmentally friendly. The continuing economic effi ciency of products is the key aspect of environmental protection.

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VDMA Brief: Industrial security - Secure machines and plants


When production comes to a standstill, money is lost. But when critical IT infrastructure such as in hospitals or at energy providers fails, people‘s lives are at risk. The role of industrial security is to protect information technology in production systems, machines and plants against sabotage, espionage and manipulation. Awareness of this topic is rightly growing – after all, Industry 4.0 is making industrial security an even more explosive issue for Germany as an industrial location.

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